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Getting Free Cell Phones Without Plans

Everyone knows about those offered with contracts, but there are also free cell phones without plans. Here's how to get one for yourself.

In an ideal world finding free cell phones without plans or contracts may be pretty easy, and they may even be readily available, but that’s just not the world that we live in today.  No here you’re going to be looking at paying some amount of money for your phone, because phones just aren’t cheap to produce so you have to actually pay for the technology in some way.  Whether that’s getting the right type of phone with a contract so that you can get the phone for free but then pay for it through the service fees.  Or sometimes you can just get a dirt cheap phone if you only have basic needs.

But for most people there’s no such thing as acquiring free cell phones without plans.  Although this can be done in some cases, you have to meet a really rigorous set of standards in order to be able to get the right type of phone at no cost.  That means in most cases it’s more about finding the right type of affordable phone, than it is necessarily getting the right type of phone for free.  Free phones just don’t exist for most, so this is the better option for you.  But here’s what you’ll find on your search for free cell phones without plans:

1) The only way to get actual free phones is through the government.

Through some local community government programs like those you can take advantage of on sites like, you’ll find that you’re able to qualify for a free phone if you meet income standards.  That means if you fall below a certain income line you’ll be able to get the phone of your choice, but this can be pretty rare and usually the standards therein are pretty strict as well.  That means not everybody is going to qualify and that in fact most will not. Plus you’ll also find that these plans are also really limited, so they are not your ideal solution in the first place.

2) However, you can always go with prepaid phones if you just want something cheap.

If you don’t want the limitations of a government phone, and you can afford a $30 purchase, usually you can get a prepaid phone from a retailer like Walmart.  While not totally free cell phones without plans, these are phones that you’re able to get for cheap still without having to worry about the plan.  That can make a massive difference, and you’ll find that you just might like the way that they work.

You can get prepaid cell phones to work for you in two different ways.  Either you can buy those that enable you to pay for a month of service in advance.  Or you can also go with those that enable you to pay for service in chunks.  So you can buy so many minutes, and then there’s nothing to pay until you’ve used up that amount, and then you can choose when you want to buy more, so you actually control your phone.

Or you can also go with pay as you go plans, which are not really contracts per say, but are serviced by the major providers like AT&T or Verizon.  But with these types of plans you’ll find that what you do is actually pay for every day that you use the phone.  So if you don’t use the phone for that day, you don’t have to pay, and so on and so forth.  It’s a good and flexible type of plan if you want to ensure that you can get some type of good coverage, but without having to pay on a traditional contract or agreement.

3) Contracts aren’t all bad.

If you’re just looking for free cell phones without plans or contracts because you don’t like the idea of them, they are not always so bad.  As long as you can find a plan that you like and can easily afford signing a 2 year deal can mean that you get the phone of your choice totally free.  This way, you can set yourself up with just the type of phone that you really want, just the affordable service that you need, and it won’t be too much trouble for you to pay for the agreement anyways.


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