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5 Companies to Consider for Cheap Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

If cheap prepaid cell phone plans are what you desire, here are 5 of the top current companies in the space.

Cell phone service providers generally offer a few different options for purchasing a phone. While one of the most common tends to be buying a phone and contract together, this generally means committing to a longer term deal of up to 2 years, and many people don’t want to do this. An alternative option these days is to consider cheap prepaid cell phone plans, and some of the companies to consider for this type of deal include the following.

Page Plus Cellular

Page Plus Cellular operates on a nationwide basis, meaning their services are open to a great number of people, and they offer a variety of cheap prepaid cell phone plans which are available with no contract and no credit check needed. Their plans come in a few different styles and it is possible to buy standard voice plans for calling only, or monthly bundles which include talk minutes and texting. Calls for the standard voice only plans start at around $10, with this cost buying 100 minutes of talk times at 10 cents a minute. Buying a more expensive plan brings the cost per minute down, with the $80 plan buying 2,000 minutes of talk time at 4 cents a minute. The monthly prepaid bundles start at around $30/month, and this price includes 1,200 minutes and 2,000 texts. However, a cost of $45 buys the Unlimited Talk n Text bundle, which provides unlimited calls and texts.

Platinum Tel

One of the top rated prepaid operators is Platinum Tel, and they have a few different plans available. These include the Real Paygo plans, which are considered some of the cheapest available on the market. The cost for these starts at $10 for a plan lasting 90 days and rises to $100 for a year long plan. These plans charge 2 cents per text and 5 cents per minute for talk time. Other options available include $50/month for the Unlimited Talk and Text plan, and cheap international prepaid plans, with the cost depending on the country called. The various prepaid plans available at Platinum Tel can make them a good company to look to.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers competitively priced prepaid plans which are considered to be good quality deals. The Paylo plans they offer have a price of $20 or $30 per month and the best of these offer rates as low as 2 cents per minute. Other cheap prepaid cell phone plans they offer include the Beyond Talk plans, which are aimed at Blackberry devices. These start at a price of around $25, with this price getting features such as 300 minutes of talk time and unlimited texts and web access. Unlimited talk, text and web services are available with the $60 Beyond Talk plan. The Virgin Mobile plans have nationwide coverage and no contract, making them ideal for anyone looking for a simple and affordable cell phone plan.


T-Mobile is a well-know service provider and their prepaid plans are competitively priced, especially those with a greater number of minutes. T-mobile prepaid plans airtime can be purchased for a cost as low as $10, which buys 30 minutes of talk-time, and the cost can rise to $100 for 1,000 minutes, which equates to around 10 cents per minute. If you want a monthly plan, there are a few of these available, with prices starting at around $15 for unlimited texts and a call rate of 10 cents per minute. The range of plans and simple ways to access and buy airtime make T-Mobile a decent company to look to for prepaid plans.


Net10 provides simple manner in which to buy and operate a prepaid cell phone. They have a number of phones available for anyone that needs a handset, and these are available at prices as low as $15. Once the phone is purchased and activated there are a couple of ways to add call time. This can be done by buying airtime either through the phone or online, and the cost for this can start as low as $20 for 200 minutes. Net10 also has a few different monthly plans and these include Easy Minute Plans, which start at around $15 for 200 minutes, and Auto Refill Plans which automatically credit your phone with minutes each month. The cheap prepaid cell phone plans available from Net 10 make them a good company to look to.

Many people do not want to sign up to a longer contract when buying a phone, and cheap prepaid cell phone plans can be a good alternative to this. There are a number of companies that offer good deals, with some of the best options to consider being those shown above.


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